"Have you ever had the experience of stopping so completely,
 of being in your body so completely,
 of being in your life so completely,
 that what you knew and what you didn't know,
 that what had been and what was yet to come,
 and the way things are right now,
 no longer held even the slightest hint of anxiety or discord,
 a moment of complete presence beyond striving, beyond mere acceptance,
 beyond the desire to escape, or fix anything or plunge ahead,
 a moment of pure being,
 no longer in time,
 a moment of pure seeing, pure feeling a moment in which life simply is,
 and that is-ness grabs you by all your senses, all your memories,
 by your very genes, by your loves,
 and welcomes you home; 
 that is a taste of mindfulness."

 Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Geraldine Breakwell and Will Smither are experienced counsellors, are accredited members of BACP and are UKRCP registered. Having met during their initial counselling training their professional paths have followed similar directions. Both have trained in the teaching of mindfulness with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University.

Their joint endeavour of leading mindfulness programmes arises from their individual personal commitment to their own meditation practice. They share a belief that it is by their attention to their own practice that the 8 week courses will be of benefit to participants.